Smart Gadgets
Image by Sayan Majhi

Pavitra Construction is the best home automation service provider in Indore market and also the best construction company for house construction in Indore. In this modern era, humans are consistently developing technology for our comfortable living, and convenience. We at Pavitra construction, here to provide you with all types of home automation services at your doorstep.

Look at your surrounding areas and think.

Yes! our latest technology will serve you everywhere. It may be your living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, garden, bathroom, dressing room, and parking.

Now, you might be thinking about types of automation, charges of services, devices, technology control panels, and other questions. Pavitra construction is always at your service, our experts will provide you with all information that you want. However, we have mentioned some of the information below for your understanding.

Our devices can be controlled through voice commands and switches. We know your next question, what type of devices you can control through the latest technology? Here we have mentioned below all devices,

  • Lights,

  • Fans,

  • AC,

  • Fridge,

  • Cooler,

  • Microwave,

  • curtains,

  • Video calling door,

  • TV,

  • Garden water system,

  • Geyser